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Your Gaze is Gone

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cast off the anchor
losing site of all you know
harbor fades in the distance
another memory outgrown
lighthouse burns
still doesn’t help it when your gaze is gone

too late when your gaze is gone
eyes on horizon
one way ticket clenched too tight
hoping that all your troubles
lift like fog from the night
long stays in far off lands
who will know you when your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone

waves crash off the shore
counting your troubles more
than grains of sand down below
storms will have their say
no matter which way
your sails get unfurled

long nights at sea and letters penned
in hasty thought
are the shadows you write to
still crying out with taunts
in fear it fled from you
once steady now removed your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone

sunbreak on water
signals the receding storm
or is the short lived calm
another empty hope transformed
don’t give up all your will
you have to stay strong when your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone