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From the recording Half Past Two

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Are you stuck in the sunrise?
Are you fading away?
Are you listening instantly, awkwardly
For every word that I’ll say
‘cause every time that I open my throat
I feel like it could be my last note
So I say take away all the meaningless days
Tell me how the hell do you cope?

I suffer from this full length album curse
That says I can write a thousand stagnant words
Well your summit is your ceiling
You have to scream how you’ve been feeling
And if they listen, then it only makes it worse

Scene uniforms, tired metaphors
A voice that I cannot ignore
‘cause it’s reminding me what’s mine is yours
But that is half a world away
And a lifetime ago or so it seems
When you laid down on me all your epic dreams
I turned them around I did some unkind things
Between our actions, my words
And our parallel deeds all say I

I left a note on your door to begin again
Did I break all the ties that I swore I would mend?
Were you left out?
This much is true I have no doubt