1. Some Nights

From the recording Half Past Two

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Some Nights

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Never been one to dwell on past reactions or distractions
Lately, I’ve been breaking my own rule
A sad song to bring you up
The happy place from when you were young
Memories that shaped everything about you

Some nights I wonder
When will this happiness be over?
Is it all just something I made up inside my head?
I hope it's not because this is fine by me

Maybe it’s just optimistic
Thinking that this time will be different
Have I finally pieced it all together?
Will it all just fail again?
Nothing changes beginning to end
Am I destined to a path of a never ending uphill battle?

(Some nights)
Are we gonna fall apart?
Can these feelings last forever?
Should know by now but I can't remember

(Some nights)
Are you gonna stick around?
Or just long enough to
knock me down again