1. Shine

From the recording Half Past Two

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Until today every problem’s been my own
All my troubles are small
I’ve changed so suddenly
Look in the mirror that’s not me
Every stab inconsequential

And you’re crying on my shoulder
Not what I expect of getting older
I’m not strong, but for you I’ll be strong

Plant a seed to watch it grow
Water it and soon I’ll know
Can it survive the shadows of this life?

I will shine for you
If there’s just one thing I can do
And I will trust so much
The future’s bright for us

Anything, everything I ever did with too much pride
I take it back, I take it back
Any sadness or pain I caused you in your life
I take it back, I take it back

It’s a mask, I’m not happy when I laugh
Paste on a smile, inside I’m crying
It’s a task, honored faithfully ‘til my last
Because of you everyday I’m trying

When I’m gone, gone, gone
And you need strength to carry on
Just listen for this song
I’ll be here for you