1. Top Gun

From the recording Half Past Two

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Top Gun

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Never knew the rage you bring
When you drop words like “I’m suffering”
It’s okay to disagree
You’re right, so right
I can’t control what others do,
but I could live without you.

Who am I defending, who do I protect?
The ones that you ignore, that you forget
I’ll torch this bridge with a smile and happiness.
I don’t delete, I confess

Go ahead and tell me who you are inside
I guess your life is just more important than mine
Your opinions are christensing, I’m listening
Just because you made the plate
doesn’t mean I’ll digest it or even chew
The shit you prepared for me
I’ll spit it back right on to you

Dare to ask how I could do this to you
Your caprice, your demands, now I can see right through you
Won’t turn around, it’s about time you knew